happy new year!

cautiously, i’m looking forward to 2021. it’s not naivety; i know the rolling of the clock from one arbitrarily-numbered year to another isn’t going to change anything that’s going on right now. it’s desperately clawing hope from the jaws of misery because if i’m going to have keep dragging this ambling human frame forward for another year on this hellish orb i’m going to need to look forward to something, goddamnit.

optimism is a survival strategy i’m actually not very good at

daily progress (11/26)

lately, it’s hard for me to get a grasp on that i’m doing anything particularly useful with my time. but when i think really hard, there are things im doing, it’s just hard to see them. so, from now on, i’m thinking of making a little daily log of what i do each day. essentially a public diary, though how “public” anything i do here is… questionable. privacy by obscurity, i guess?

anyway. getting to the thing i set out to do:

starting on the worst holiday, even