intrenaimo: at the start line!

with march comes NaNoRenO!

the project i’m working on already has a small amount of WIP assets, so technically i’m actually doing IntRenAiMo, the continuing work challenge running alongside it… but well, close enough. i’m going to have to take it a bit slower than i’d like, considering my physical and mental health lately, so not having to push for a truly done-in-month project is for the best.

anyway, my goal is to get a working demo of aftermagical out by the end of march. this would cover approximately the first 2-3 chapters of the novel version. to do this, i’ll need to:

  • finish rewriting the script [9-17% done]
  • sprites sketched [21-44% done]
  • CGs sketched [0% done]
  • coding [???% done]
  • find creative commons assets for bg, music, etc [0% done]
  • sprites lined and colored [0% done]
  • CGs lined and colored [0% done]

the ranges here have to do with that little bit where i said i’m planning on covering 2-3 chapters of the source material. chapter three introduces at least four new characters (!) and a lot of content, so i’m not sure if i’ll actually get all that done before the deadline. my goal right now is to try to get things set up for the end of chapter 2 (which only requires 5 character sprites), then start working on the rest if i think i have the time and energy to get it playable and in the game by the end of march!

to start with, i’ve got about 250 lines of code, some sketchy sprites, and the game looks like this…

(bg by UncleMugen, (not yet correctly installed) textbox by Sayumi)

… soooo i’ve got a ways to go. my aim is to post updates at least weekly on my progress, or whenever i’ve made enough i feel like rambling about it.

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