daily progress (11/29)

that title implies i made progress, which may or may not be true.

(cautiously) self care?

i’m going to be real with you. i spent most of my day just damage controlling my depression. i woke up at eleven-ish, ate some leftover chipotle and watched the new mandolorian. (it wasn’t great, not going to lie. the show, i mean, the chipotle was fine.) then i played stardew valley for around four hours straight. because it’s comforting, and i didn’t have to think. it’s one of those things i like; something that tricks me into feeling productive, like anything i do matters.

— i’m really trying not to just make this a depressive vent, i am.

anyway, around… four, i think? we realized we needed a few things, so i drove (yes! me!) to the store with my husband, picked up some groceries, refueled the car, and got boba. i only had a minor panic spike at the usual intersection that trips me up, and it was mostly because the sun was in my eyes. really, i’ll call that a win. driving anywhere is a win, really. gotta keep at it.

hey, that even counts as something resembling “progress”! boom. achieved.

anyway, then i went back to playing stardew for three more hours straight. it’s great. i unlocked the greenhouse and set up my summer farm layout without too many fuckups. just one more bundle to go and then i’ll have restored the community center!

for all i’ve played this game, i’ve never completed it before. there’s a first savefile for everything!


it was d&d. i d&did it. uhhh. i did get some paticia development in, hammered out some backstory and setting stuff… that’s good. i should write it down here maybe, but my brain is honestly pretty fried. leaning a little into paticia being evil, which is funny because she’s chaotic good on her character sheet… but in this party, she’s good by comparison.

cloudkill is fucking great, guys.


oh right, did some of that too. i never finished that intro i started the other day, but as expected it 100% worked for where we were going (since it was all just backfilling on what the hell molly’s been up to for the past two weeks-ish) so i got to keep those 300-whatever words, then added 539 more. so a total of 885 words. in pretty good time, too. yeehaw?

and tomorrow?

idk. there is a good chance i’ll just play more stardew. i am not doing great right now, not gonna lie. today was better than yesterday, but its still not awesome.

but if i do end up doing things? i’d like to fix the theme on this blog, or find a new one i like better. whichever. maybe some more fixing on the homepage, since that’s still a mess too. i’d also like to do that posing thing with the hoshiko sprites i’ve been considering, since i’ll have access to the windows computer… that’d be nice. even if i cant get the actual drawing done, that (+ maybe downloading some other assets to transfer over) would be a big help!

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