daily progress (11/28)

i’m feeling extra ditzy and lost in the time sauce today, so i started this much earlier in the day than usual.


fixed up molly’s profile! there was less to fix than i expected, actually. let this be a lesson to myself that i’m always more critical of myself and think my own work is shittier than it really is. especially when it comes to molly. i’d say “who knows why!” but i think i know why and the answer is brain problems. oh well.

job hunting

i want to die :o)

but i did apply for at least one job today that looks desperate enough it might consider me. i was going to do more, but when asked “what makes you a good fit for the job?” by current answer is “nothing, but i want a job please” and i do not think that makes a good indeed cover letter.

and after that

i went to bed at 7pm because i was sad. then i woke up at 11pm, played three hours of stardew valley, and went back to sleep at 2am. sleep didst come easy, but i learned 6mg of melatonin isn’t always enough to put me under, but it is enough to mean my thoughts are pleasantly unfocused instead of constantly on the verge of tears.

it’s called coping, okay?

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