daily progress (11/27)

this time again! i was, let’s say, distracted today, so there isn’t as much to say, buuuuut…

visual research

yeah, we’re still on that. i was less productive on this today than i was yesterday, but i did do a little digging for more expressions – this time mostly focusing on anime. two characters ive been leaning on a lot for inspiration are minako aino (sailor moon) and komugi nanakura (nurse witch komugi). but in general, magical girl series, especially late 90s-early 00s are my biggest draw.

especially when it comes to her interactions with artemis, minako is a goldmine.

i think i’ve got a pretty good index now for some more complicated expressions. what i’m not finding is good examples for a generic happy faces, which i might just be trying too hard on… but i think thats because i’m being too picky. it’s easy to get those generic expressions good, but i want to make them perfect… which is really pointless, especially this early in the game. i haven’t even started doing the drawing! (well, not seriously, anyway – i do have plenty of loose doodles in my sketchbook, but…)

here’s what the board looks like so far, btw!

decent start, i think?

anyway, tomorrow i think i’ll seriously get those poses ironed out – maybe even using a posing doll of some sort to get proportions and stuff consistent! if i can figure that out – the one with CSP doesnt work on linux, and husband will be home tomorrow so i cant steal his to fuck with it. if i was smart i would have stolen his computer to work with that during the day but uhhh. again. distracted.


unexpectedly did actually get a post out today, so that’s 976 words (excluding OOC as usual, blah blah). considered trying to get a bit of the next post out because an intro is an intro… and am still considering it… ill edit this if i actually get anything done before bed tonight, but honestly i should proooobably rest my hands… i’m just excited to finally write some stuff with molly. i didn’t end up fixing up her profile either, aaaahhhhhhhh…

edit: 363 words done. not finished at all and i keep fussing to write/rewrite it, but it works

and tomorrow?

i at least want to get some drawing done… hopefully ironing out those poses like i mentioned, but just some doodling or sketches to keep my brain in the art frame of mind would be good.

also, i cant keep saying its a holiday, i should apply to some more jobs tomorrow. bbbbbtbbtbbtttbtbbtt

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