daily progress (11/26)

lately, it’s hard for me to get a grasp on that i’m doing anything particularly useful with my time. but when i think really hard, there are things im doing, it’s just hard to see them. so, from now on, i’m thinking of making a little daily log of what i do each day. essentially a public diary, though how “public” anything i do here is… questionable. privacy by obscurity, i guess?

anyway. getting to the thing i set out to do:

“visual research”

lately, i’ve been thinking maho days would work better as a VN than a novel. as such, i’ve been doing some thinking on how i would do this. now, considering 4-5 chapters of maho days are already written, adapting the script seems a little less urgent than nailing down character designs and figuring out sprites. hoshiko is naturally the first to receive this treatment, because her design (at least, as magical starry) is already pretty well established.

i want hoshiko’s sprites to be playful, lively, and express her mannerisms well. that is one of the things i think makes VN such a better medium than prose for this story – it lets you see some of the goofiness ive tried to put into her character, which (i hope) makes her a fun protagonist. and to do this, i’ve wanted to do some research on how VNs i think of as being particularly good at portraying characters like her do it. so that meant i had the best excuse in the world to dig through eroge artbooks again… for educational purposes, naturally. i have a huge bias for kuuchuu yosai and poyoyon rock, so i went looking for their art.

michiru would be a better example here, but the grisaia fanbook was surprisingly less sfw than djibril’s, so here’s a hikari.

what i realized was even series i think of as having a lot of character aren’t truly as exaggerated as i was thinking – grisaia being an excellent example, actually! there are of course multiple “silly” expressions, but less than i was thinking. also, even big A-list projects tend to only use 2-3 poses per main character. the addition of the little SD cgs adds life to grisaia, and i think thats an important lesson.

anyway, i’ve been compiling a pureref file of facial expressions i think might work. tomorrow, i’d like to compile more, maybe going through other anime i think have channel the right feeling – nurse witch komugi and sailor moon (especially usagi & minako) being two examples. i did come up with some (very draft) poses that i think will be the base for hoshiko’s sprite – i’m aiming for three poses. more on that tomorrow maybe?

also, while doing this search, i realized just how beautiful the popotan bg art is, and how good of a job it does at characterizing the mansion they live in as well as the girl’s rooms. i’m filing this away as reminder of how important these background cgs are for establishing setting and character!


also it was thanksgiving, of course, and i did cooking. it was just for me and my husband, but it was still a few hours of work. we had bacon-wrapped pork filets, mashed potatoes, and asparagus. the asparagus was in a cheap “just throw us in the oven, we’ll be roast fine!” bag and it was not fine. they were gross. the filets ended up overcooked, as a result of my overzealousness in trying to get crunchy bacon. but the mashed potatoes were just heavenly, and i’ll accept that as a win. we ate together and watched a really bad movie on netflix and then some random youtube videos. it was a pleasant way to spend an evening. not a huge holiday, but hey, it’s 2020.

things i did not do

i did not do any job-hunting today, and probably won’t tomorrow, either. it’s a holiday, damnit. let me have this.

i also did not do any roleplaying, as my partner’s been busy with holiday stuff. she’ll be busy tomorrow as well, but i’d like to do some reworking on molly (and vincent’s…?) profile while i have the chance.

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