hello world!

i don’t actually know how to run a blog any more. i might have, when i was younger, but now as an adult it seems only serious people have “blogs,” and i am terminally not serious. but i’m tired of using social media when i want to talk, so here i am.

is wordpress truly the best platform for this? who knows, honestly. i don’t like that i have to log into gravatar to put an icon. i have this self-hosted website so i don’t have to rely on any other service, and yet it wants me to go through it for just an icon? i suppose i can work around it by uploading an image directly, but i’ve never played too much with wp, and i don’t want to break anything. i’m not exactly excited about various aspects of this theme, including how it doesn’t show the date. i suppose i either have to fix it or learn to live with it.

i don’t exactly know what i’ll put here, either, or how i’ll format it. essentially, i think i’ll treat it like an extension of my rambling on other platforms. i’ll cross-post things if they’re relevant, but for the most part they probably won’t be. i can password-protect anything too personal, but for the most part you can consider this a vaguely exhibitionist diary.

i’m sure you’re here looking for some cringe, so here it is; i’ve been listening to the same three 2008 fall out boy songs on loop all night. that’s the mood.

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