intrenaimo: at the start line!

with march comes NaNoRenO!

the project i’m working on already has a small amount of WIP assets, so technically i’m actually doing IntRenAiMo, the continuing work challenge running alongside it… but well, close enough. i’m going to have to take it a bit slower than i’d like, considering my physical and mental health lately, so not having to push for a truly done-in-month project is for the best.

anyway, my goal is to get a working demo of aftermagical out by the end of march. this would cover approximately the first 2-3 chapters of the novel version. to do this, i’ll need to:

  • finish rewriting the script [9-17% done]
  • sprites sketched [21-44% done]
  • CGs sketched [0% done]
  • coding [???% done]
  • find creative commons assets for bg, music, etc [0% done]
  • sprites lined and colored [0% done]
  • CGs lined and colored [0% done]

the ranges here have to do with that little bit where i said i’m planning on covering 2-3 chapters of the source material. chapter three introduces at least four new characters (!) and a lot of content, so i’m not sure if i’ll actually get all that done before the deadline. my goal right now is to try to get things set up for the end of chapter 2 (which only requires 5 character sprites), then start working on the rest if i think i have the time and energy to get it playable and in the game by the end of march!

to start with, i’ve got about 250 lines of code, some sketchy sprites, and the game looks like this…

(bg by UncleMugen, (not yet correctly installed) textbox by Sayumi)

… soooo i’ve got a ways to go. my aim is to post updates at least weekly on my progress, or whenever i’ve made enough i feel like rambling about it.

happy new year!

cautiously, i’m looking forward to 2021. it’s not naivety; i know the rolling of the clock from one arbitrarily-numbered year to another isn’t going to change anything that’s going on right now. it’s desperately clawing hope from the jaws of misery because if i’m going to have keep dragging this ambling human frame forward for another year on this hellish orb i’m going to need to look forward to something, goddamnit.

optimism is a survival strategy i’m actually not very good at

daily progress (11/26)

lately, it’s hard for me to get a grasp on that i’m doing anything particularly useful with my time. but when i think really hard, there are things im doing, it’s just hard to see them. so, from now on, i’m thinking of making a little daily log of what i do each day. essentially a public diary, though how “public” anything i do here is… questionable. privacy by obscurity, i guess?

anyway. getting to the thing i set out to do:

starting on the worst holiday, even

hello world!

i don’t actually know how to run a blog any more. i might have, when i was younger, but now as an adult it seems only serious people have “blogs,” and i am terminally not serious. but i’m tired of using social media when i want to talk, so here i am.

is wordpress truly the best platform for this? who knows, honestly. i don’t like that i have to log into gravatar to put an icon. i have this self-hosted website so i don’t have to rely on any other service, and yet it wants me to go through it for just an icon? i suppose i can work around it by uploading an image directly, but i’ve never played too much with wp, and i don’t want to break anything. i’m not exactly excited about various aspects of this theme, including how it doesn’t show the date. i suppose i either have to fix it or learn to live with it.

i don’t exactly know what i’ll put here, either, or how i’ll format it. essentially, i think i’ll treat it like an extension of my rambling on other platforms. i’ll cross-post things if they’re relevant, but for the most part they probably won’t be. i can password-protect anything too personal, but for the most part you can consider this a vaguely exhibitionist diary.

i’m sure you’re here looking for some cringe, so here it is; i’ve been listening to the same three 2008 fall out boy songs on loop all night. that’s the mood.